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Why You Can Trust Us

We use only certified lottery equipment

Lottery terminals must not contain any data storage units, parts or devices that are not available for inspection. The equipment must provide for:

  • -random distribution of winnings;
  • -impossibility of determining the results of the drawing before it begins.

The lottery drums were manufactured by world leaders in design and manufacture of lottery machinery: Smartplay International(US), Ryo-Catteau and Akanis Technologies (France). The Random Number Generator has been certified by the Interregional Testing Center, an organization officially registered with Rosstandart that has extensive experience in certifying similar kinds of equipment.



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Confidentiality and protection of personal data

We use only reliable data protection methods for registering tickets and online wins:

  • a protected Internet connection (transfer of data via the https protocol, use of SSL certificates with a 256-bit cypher;
  • registration with required confirmation of the email address and the cell phone number;

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