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About company

C-Cash is the distributor of lotteries

Our company is engaged in lotteries. We offer cash and material prizes. Lotteries, distributed by C-Cash, are on sale at The company’s use of modern technologies allows players to choose the type of participation in the lottery that they prefer

Why You Can Trust Us

Our Mission

The mission of C-Cash is to facilitate the renaissance of the lottery culture. The lottery seeks to create the impression among the people of lotteries being a pleasant pastime that allows experiencing of rich emotions, winning money or material prizes.

Responsible gaming

Attitudes towards lotteries are formed by the players themselves. Including their personal impressions, everyone gets on the basis of their experience. You need to play responsibly.

«In Spain, all my friends purchase lottery tickets from time to time. Most people have a cautious attitude towards lotteries. Por Que, amigos? It’s fun».


Welcome Address by the Company Management

Across the globe, lotteries have become an exciting form of leisure, a family tradition, a real opportunity to become a millionaire overnight and turn your life around. All popular global lotteries are being played today; the tickets can be bought on the website of C-Cash Lottery Supermarket. State regulation of lotteries makes lottery drawings transparent, with guaranteed winnings. Statistically speaking, every month winners of lotteries get more than a billion of rubles in winnings. This is why we proudly say: Play and win with us!”

Sincerely, Viktor Simonov,
Chief Executive Officer

Our Partners

We cooperate with companies in various industry sectors with solid reputation on the Russian and international markets.

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